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A Match Made in Heaven

This post probably falls under the category of enabling, but I don’t care. If you are a scrapbooker and a fan of Martha Stewart products, read on.

I was out Monday doing some catch-up errands, post vacation. Naturally I stopped by Michael’s with my 40% off coupon in hand and began browsing around. There didn’t seem to be that much of great interest until I turned the corner and *Blam!* one entire side of the aisle was filled with an array of the most gorgeous scrapbooking products I’ve seen in awhile. Martha’s new line, which wasn’t supposed to hit stores until April 29, was on display, and already there were blank spots where the entire stock of certain items had been bought up.

As usual, Martha has thought of everything, and it’s all carefully color coordinated so that you can’t go wrong even if you try. There are markers, which you can buy in sets or individually. There are stamps (mostly sold out, so I’m guessing they are good ones), and naturally Martha offers the coordinating acrylic mounting blocks. Her papers come in 81/2 x 11, 12 x 12, and also very large sizes that you can buy in individual sheets or rolled up like gift wrap. There is an array of glitter in colors you won’t find anywhere else. Twill and satin ribbon in colors so gorgeous you’ll want one of every color. And the embellishments are super. She doesn’t do brads and eyelets, but border strips, library envelopes, tags, label stickers, and ribbon photo corners are available. And they are Nice! Martha’s usual classy vintage-y style. Not incredibly expensive, either.

In addition to those items, Martha’s line includes tools, as well as some really fabulous linen post-bound albums, CD and photo storage boxes, 12 x 12 paper storage boxes, ribbon boxes, and maybe one other storage item, but what it was eludes me at the moment. These are all linen covered. Here you get into more expense, and apparently the Michael’s coupons are not going to be able to be used on the Martha line. However, from what I could see, the quality of the items is in line with the price. I wanted one of everything, but decided to just try a couple of the embellishments. Here’s what I bought:


On the left we have some vintage label stickers (2 sheets), a la Jenni Bowlin, only with multiple colors. On the right are some library pockets with matching cards in them. $2.99 apiece, if I recall correctly, which is not bad. Notice the holes punched in the bottom of the packaging? Martha planned that so you can slip the whole package into a binder and then just flip through the packs to find the item you need. The package itself is a cardstock backing with an acetate sheet over the top and open sides so you can slide the stickers out if you wish. Alternatively, each sticker sheet is punched, so that if you don’t want to keep them in the outer packaging, you can insert the individual sheets in a binder. The library pockets are in a cellophane envelope that is punched at the bottom. I am not sure how well the cellophone envelope would hold up, but the idea itself is a good one. I can’t get over how much thought has gone into all of this, and it’s just the startup.

Sooooo . . . I recommend you hotfoot it to Michael’s and check this stuff out. I know, I know. As if you don’t have enough stuff in your scrapbooking stash already! But it’s Martha! Martha mixed with scrapbooking! A match made in heaven, if you ask me.



5 Responses

  1. ‘enabler’ for sure! Though part of me thinks – is it worth the trip? Will there be ANYTHING left by now? LOL!

  2. I wish they had that herešŸ˜

  3. Thanks for enabling. I was wondering what the Martha stuff looked like.

  4. Martha has not had this much well deserved attention in eons. Bringing her tasteful touch to scrapbooking is a certain boon not only for her business but scrapbooking as a craft as well.

  5. […] appearance in Michaels stores all over now. You can see photos of some of the goods here, here and here. If you go to the papercrafts section of Michaels’ website, you’ll see some cute ideas […]

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